Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic?

The love and compassion that we share towards our furry babies are beyond explanation. But there are so many of us who don’t know whether our breed is hypoallergenic or not. Today, we shall learn more about the Border Collies that make great buddies and have a few interesting facts about them.

However, many people wonder if such a breed is hypoallergenic, and the clear answer is no, Border collies are not hypoallergic. Are you wondering how and why such a breed is categorized? Well, the answer for this is in the below article. Just like people, dogs also have allergic reactions. But things can be worse if the furry friend’s allergic reaction becomes a problem for the human.

Usually, it is the dried skin flakes and saliva that are the culprit. Humans are not ideally allergic to dogs’ fur or hair but often may be the proteins present in the urine, dander, or saliva or those that the animal gets transported via the atmosphere and hair. These are called hitchhikers that work as the real culprit for causing the allergic reaction. The signs of it could be a runny nose, hives, and even itchy eyes.

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic?

Such breed of the dog consists of a coating which doesn’t shed often on its own. Because of this, the process of intruding on new allergens in the domestic environment doesn’t happen. In the case of Border collies, most of them are usually the mixed breed crossed with breeds such as poodle.

It is then that their coat becomes curly fiery while there is an interlocking form which is more like a mat structure at the hair level. This holds on to one another instead of it falling far. Since it is not a popular breed as Labradoodle, the coolie poodle mix, the border poodle is also called Borderpoo and has only limited characters on the coating.


Before understanding what precautionary measures can be taken, it is better to have an overview of this breed. This furry baby is quite a medium dog that is known to have a stronger bone. It is long rather than being tall and has quite a good stamina too. It has a trot that is quite smooth and tireless. It can change the direction and speed suddenly.

This breed can even show amazing agility even after working for quite a long time. If we focus on the coating, it is quite smooth, but we can also feel the roughness. The smooth coating is usually short on all sides of the body, while the rough coating can vary from medium to long.

This intelligent breed shows good reflection and is highly energetic. To be precise, it is a blend of physical and mental energy that any human would need in a furry friend. It is one of the most obedient breeds that require enough exercise and can be a loyal partner lifelong.

What is hypoallergenic?

Many people are not clear about what exactly hypoallergenic means. It is the term used to differentiate the dogs that will not cause any kind of hypersensitive reaction to the already allergic person. To be precise, this term implies that the dog is not much included in the result in hypersensitive response.

Hypoallergenic dogs are poodles as they hardly shed their coat. Besides, if the fur is less, and it means there is less scope for the disturbed allergic proteins. This eventually means there will be very few allergies. Maybe not all the border collies shall be hypoallergenic.

Such collies are usually mixed breed and are also called Bordoodle that are counted under hypoallergenic. Still, it may not be necessary that all the dogs of this breed will be hypoallergenic breeds. Doodles are also known for the less coating shed activity.

It is a perfect mix for those allergic reactions that result in shedding but still, the chances are high that there could be Border Collies characteristics in pets that humans expect while adopting it.

Why are Border Collies hypoallergenic?

There are a few reasons because of which standard-breed Border Collie is not counted under hypoallergenic breeds. The primary thing is to understand that hypoallergenic dogs are the ones that don’t result in any sensitive effects when around.

Border Collie breed has two assortments jacket, and similarly, Collie’s breed also has two assortments jacket. One is the unpleasant coating, and another one is the smooth coating. As the name suggests, the Border Collie with smooth coating has hair hanging straight down the direction.

But the one with a harsh cover has quite a lot of space and volume too. This type of coating will be shed quite often. Ideally, both the coating can be hazardous to those humans who are sensitive to canine being around, which is why they are hypoallergenic. In short, both coatings would deliver decent shedding hides that cause allergens in some situations.

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic

Fighting Back Against Border Collie Allergies

It is important for dog lovers to understand that it can be controlled if your border collie is not hypoallergenic and seems to throw some allergens into the environment. Not all the dogs of this breed could be hypoallergenic, which is why some crucial steps can be taken to prevent the flare-ups of the allergy at home.

If taken by the owner on a timely basis, these crucial steps can ensure that humans and furry babies can live together in peace.


It is one of the most important things to consider. It is not just your border collies, but grooming is a must if you have another breed too. Shedding is the primary reason that causes allergies in the environment. But if the grooming is done proactively, then it shall reduce the risk of the allergen.

Talking about grooming, if you don’t have much time or have difficulty grooming your border collie, it is better to take professional help. It is important to brush your dog’s hair on a regular basis. It is important to sit outside the house with the pup, use gloves, and cover the nose so that dust and danger don’t affect you.

If the brushing is done regularly, then there can be quite a big difference that can be noticed. There is also a special metal loop which is known as an undercoating rake. It can be an important tool that can help remove the excess hair while undercoating.

This way, your dog will turn to be a smooth collie and shall not have any problem. Remember to clean off the brush after every grooming session; otherwise, dander accumulation can cause further issues.


If the fur falls off from the coat of the dog, there are still so many places where our human eye may not have the attention, but still, there are allergens that may present which may invade later. Investing in efficient pet-based vacuuming is important. It is good to look around for features like HEPA filter as it has more capability to deal with such offending invaders.

Further talking about cleaning, it is always better to wash the blankets and even clean the chairs and couches where your pet usually lays down often. It is good to wash them in hot water for better results. Cleaning on a regular basis is important.

If you have a different bed for a dog, then make sure you wash it or if you intend to buy one, then see to it that it is machine washable. This would ensure not just the dog’s hygiene but also keep the surroundings clean.

The HEPA filter is the best option to install at your home. It shall help in getting rid of the entire home containment. Make sure the filters are changed on a regular basis or get help from the experts if you find it difficult to change them on your own.

Border Collies Shed a Lot

You need to understand that you are well-versed with Border Collies characteristics before opting for any tips to alleviate canine allergies. Such breed is not considered to be hypoallergenic dogs. They carry proteins content that can become actual allergens that usually accumulate in the dander or hair.

Since border collies have the shedding tendency, you will likely notice their hair being crated at places. This includes the chances of your dog carrying some allergens. As the season changes, the time for shedding is high, and that is why you must opt for some convenient options that would help you stay with your pet without any worries.

You can decide whether to keep your dog indoors or outdoors.

This is, of all, one of the finest ways by which you can control pet dander allergens. If your dog tends to be more outdoors, you can probably build him home out at the patio area. This would reduce the risk of allergies to a great extent. But if your pet tends to be an indoor one and prefers to be around you the most, it is better to maintain cleanliness. It would be best if you got the grooming done outside the home.

During the winter season, extra warm surroundings should be created, and Spring is the time when chances of shedding are high, so you need to keep your pet busy in that season with some outdoor activities. This way, your dog will not shed at home, and even his energy would be well utilized. The best thing to do is to make sure that your dog gets the all-warm feeling from the family.

Exercise your pet outdoors.

If your border collie is extremely energetic, it is always good to utilize the energy of your furry baby. Depending on the comfort and type of game you both play, you can play with your border indoors or outside. Whether pet rolling or playing with the ball, it is always better to opt for playing in the grass.

This would eventually help even the shedding get done outside, and when at home, you can always give your pet a relaxing massage. As it circulates the blood, it can help in reducing the shedding too.

Keeping the good health of your dog is important. Besides, exercising with your pet can improve your bonding with him, and at the psychological level, your pet will be active the most. It is always better to come up with more play ideas so your dog will be healthier rather than just being lazy and sleeping around at some corner of the house.

Take your pet for a weekend outing. The more your pet is outside, the less are the chances of shedding. This means dander and hair fall will not be a problem for you at all.

Use a hair blower

If you give your pet a good bath, you may have to use the right hair blower. You can meet the professional groomer and make some suggestions on which hair blower could be the right option to choose.

Since it is a border collie, you can dry him off once you wash him, but instead of using any random blower, you may have to go in deep to understand the different blower types that are available in the market.

Some blowers are specially designed to consider the need of the pets in mind. They can do an amazing job even to eradicate dander and stray hair. Using such a professional tool can ease down a lot of your hard work, and thus, you can have an allergen-free furry baby with you.

Border collies can have an extremely sensitive coating, especially during the fall season. That is why it is important to choose a quality blower instead of opting out for the money-saving deal.

You might want to use the blower outside so that whatever hair and dander fall off will not enter the home. You can plug it at home but use it to dry off your pet only outside. Remember, this should not be used often. Maybe once or twice a month should be enough, and you can see the difference in your dog as he will shed less.


Border Collie’s health is extremely important. Make sure you spend as much time as you can to keep them happy always. But this does not mean that you should pamper your dog at all levels. If any of your family members are allergic, it is better to keep your furry baby distant from that room where the person allergic usually spends most of the time.

Once the dog comes back from a walk, his feet should be cleaned up, and the mat on which his legs are cleaned up should also be washed later.

If you want to spend a better time with your pup without getting any risk of allergies, then use the smooth flooring. Carpet can stick up the fallen hair and thus increase the chances of dander and allergens.

But smooth floors can be mopped and swept easily, and there will not be any room for allergens at all. It is always better to reduce the contamination risk, and that is why you should serve your dog on a different plate, so the saliva doesn’t get in you or your family member. It is better to take these small measures to stay safe.


Along with grooming, it is important to ensure that your furry baby gets the right treatment. Sometimes there could be symptoms that are easy to determine. In case some vaccinations are needed to be given to your dog, then do so.

Otherwise, you can even talk with your doctor about different medications that are available. This way, people who have allergies can then rely on such daily over-the-counter medicines and get to stay with the pet as well.

Other recommendations

  • Treat parasites promptly.
  • Don’t let your dog enter your room.
  • Change the dog’s diet.
  • Use a hair blower.
  • Get treated.

It is time to Do the Right Thing.

Your Border Collie puppy will not fall under the hypoallergenic dog breeds, but that does not mean that they don’t deserve a happy family. It takes some extra miles that you must take, but certainly, every step you will take would help you adapt to your furry baby’s need while you can deal with allergies too.

The border collie is one lovable breed, but if you are worried about your runny nose, it is better to take additional precautionary measures rather than keep yourself away from your furry best friend.

Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Border Collies prove worst for allergies?

Border collies are known to have moderate health. However, there are quite some high risks of eye problems such as retinal atrophy and blindness, to name some. Some people have even complained about orthopedic issues like hip dysplasia, while others have complained of allergies. Overall, this is one healthy breed, but it is always better to take preventive measures.

Is there any scope for the Border Collie to be a mix hypoallergenic?

To be precise, the standard-breed Border Collie is not the one you think can be hypoallergenic. But yes, there could be many reasons that make not being one and shedding one. But if this stray mix breed has been a fine one of the hypoallergenic, it could probably be the low shedding dog with interlock coating. This means there is fewer amount of allergens out there.

Are border collies high maintenance?

Like any other breed, even Border collies need the attention, but when it comes to maintenance over other dogs, they are quite high-maintenance. It is not just the grooming but also the work ethic that needs to be maintained well. Whether it is the regular food that they shall be eating or the lifestyle, there are so many changes and precautionary measures that need to be taken.

Is it important to groom Border Collie?

Grooming is quite a crucial part of your routine care of Border Collie. Since such a breed is extremely active and energetic, there are chances of it picking up dirt and debris in their part of regular activities. Talking about grooming, it is always better to do so regularly to free their fur from tangles and knots. But again, remember the coating of every Border Collie can vary from one another.

What is the usual shedding that can be noticed of border collies?

This breed is usually a moderate shedder, and hence there have been many people in the debate on whether such breed is hypoallergenic or not. To be precise, they do shed regularly but only in a limited manner.

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There are so many amazing breeds out there who can be your best friend. If you are planning to adopt border collies well, you must have all their information ready. It is always better to prepare yourself for dealing with the health issues they may have or their behavior of being a hyper dog. But overall, such a loyal breed can be the best companion around.

But, if it is the hypoallergenic characteristics you consider because you are planning to adopt this breed well, then it is unnecessary that Border collie can be the right one. They shed and tend to carry the allergens. That is why it is better to maintain them with better grooming, a good diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

It may take some time for you to get adjusted, but if you opt for preventive measures like installing HEPA filters or preparing them for a healthy diet and outdoor living, the risk of allergies can be brought under control. After all, please don’t make these dogs hypoallergenic, the only reason for not adopting them.

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