are border terriers hypoallergenic

Are Border Terriers Hypoallergenic?

No doubt that being a dog parent is not an easy thing. There are so many factors that could easily affect the health of our little fur baby. If you have a border terrier, well, you might have been seeing some of the issues already. you might also think that Are Border Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Border Terrier breed of dog is a small, and hypoallergenic breed that doesn’t drool or shed.

But it is one incredible breed that has quite a good alert and has medium energy, which, if channelized well, can only help the little one grow and be happy.

About the Border Terriers

While getting a border terrier, most owners wonder if they are hypoallergenic; the answer is clearly yes, they are.

This breed is medium in size and is quite alert. It was originally bred in Scotland and England.

Besides, they were used for hunting the otter, foxes, and even the vermin, for which they drove out of the hunting places and right in the open areas.

Such breed has been named in many other varieties; this includes the Redesdale Terrier and Russian Bear Schnauzer, to name some.

It is one of the original yet oldest breeds of dogs that during the late 1800s was referred to as the Border Terrier since most of their association was with Border Hunt in Northumberland.

Quick facts about Border Terriers

  • If we look at the physical appearance, well, such a breed has a hypoallergenic coating. They have a wiry coat that doesn’t shed off easily.
  • The breed produces very little dandruff, which is why they are said to be the best dog for families with allergic issues.
  • This breed was originally used only for hunting purposes. However, they are now also considered to be perfect pets and lovely therapy dogs.
  • This breed, although it was originally raised in Scotland and England, they are also popular in the UK and the USA.

About the Appearance

Overall, this breed is friendly, but if we focus on their overall appearance, well, they can be recognized as the ones with otter shape heads and few whiskers, making them quite smart. They have a tail that is naturally short but, of course, in a moderate way.

At the base, there is a thickness, while there are tapers at the tip. Such a type of dog is known to have quite a good stamina and energy that makes them a good hunter breed.

Border Terrier is a hypoallergenic breed.

A Border Terrier has a wiry coat which needs quite a lot of grooming since it doesn’t shed. Besides the double coating, there is one reason that makes them quite hypoallergenic; they don’t create danders if they are well maintained. Besides, the coat color can vary. Usually, the common noticeable coating color is blue, tan, red, or grizzle.

The weight of the dog is usually 11 to 15 pounds and is one of the high energy level breeds that you can find. This hypoallergenic dog breed tends to roam often and utilize its high level of energy.

These are some of the characters that make it suitable for families that love traveling and exploring places with their pets. This breed can be the perfect family pet that has ample space stored in the tiny dynamo that can run off the whole energy.

If we focus on dog allergies, well, when it comes to border terror, they need to be kept clean and well maintained to reduce the symptom. This breed will not have much loose hair, so the risk of people having allergies is very low.

Besides, if their coat is not well cared for, then when such a breed can be one reason to instigate the signs of allergies more than expected.

are border terriers hypoallergenic

Taking care of Hypoallergenic breed

Firstly, you need to understand that it is ‘Less’ allergens and not ‘No’ allergens. This means any dog can have some of the allergens that could be instigated anytime. Besides, it depends on the blend of the dog and the sufferer.

One of the reasons why border terrier is on the list of hypoallergenic dogs is because it does not shed off the fur that easily. Their coat is quite soft, and it doesn’t come out so easily. But few things need to be done so that border terrier is well maintained and not becomes one reason for allergy in the future.

Since it is a pure breed, there is less of a variation that you can expect when it comes to being hypoallergenic. It is important to keep the breed quite tidy and follow the tips shared below. If either of the family members faces some major allergy issues, the border terrier will not increase the problem if adopted later in the future.

How to Terrier-Proof your House

  • The shoes and clothes must be off the floor.
  • The baby gate should be put up always to protect them from bolting out from the door.
  • It is important to have a long leash in the backyard so they don’t escape
  • It is always good to gather all their toys and small objects washed and stored in one place.
  • It is good to place the rocks layer in the plant soil not to dig the house plants.

Encouraging Good Behaviour

One of the common tendencies that you may notice in your furry baby is their barking. They catch interest in anything that can lead them to bark. But since this breed is extremely lovable and charismatic, there should not be a problem for you to live with them. They can be wonderful pets if you encourage their good behavior.

Border terriers can get mixed with other animals with whom they grow up. This even includes cats. Love is the most important thing that could nurture this four-legged animal, and hence for their good deeds, they should be given a treat, while for their misbehavior, they must be told about the same.

  • Exercise Needs

It is not just this breed, but all animals require exercise. However, in the case of border terriers, they need a little extra. This breed needs to have a vigorous workout and even keep themselves well satisfied. This would protect them from managing weight and help them keep exploring new tricks and stay clever. This kind of breed is quite hardworking yet stubborn.

Chasing is their favorite part of the day. They love to chase a rabbit, squirrel, or even the fox. Such a small pack, which is known for hunting and chasing, is literally in their blood. In terms of exercise, it is good if they are taken out for a walk or some running activity.

  • Grooming and Care

It is important to maintain your dog’s coating so that they don’t turn out to be one reason for allergy. Some owners usually trim down the coat while some clip it for few months. But it is advised that such breed should be hand stripped so their overall appearance is well maintained and thus their hypoallergenic quality always remains.

Some groomers don’t usually focus on this part much, considering it to be a time-consuming activity, and think it to be quite uncomfortable for their baby. But the border terriers need to have a regular brushing done as their coat is prone to matting. Even if regular bathing is not given, it is okay, but this has to be done at least whenever they are shampooed.

  • Teeth, Ears, and Nails

The teeth of the border terrier are quite short but strong. However, brushing is needed at least 2 or 3 times every week, so the risk of bacteria doesn’t happen, or no tartar gets build up. It is also important that nails get trimmed down at least once or twice every month as needed. If there is any nail clicking noticed, it needs to be checked. This is quite a sign that your baby has got long nails to handle.

  • Health

If we focus on the overall health of the border terrier well, they can live for 15 years of age on average, but they are often suspectable for canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and heart issues. It is important to have a routine veterinary check-up done. Some dogs are even prone to weight gain if they don’t exercise often.

Hip dysplasia is often one of the major health risks that have been noticed in such breeds. That is why it is important to get them checked, especially when they are genetically determined to have it in the future.

In some dogs, especially in border terriers, hip dysplasia is usually formed in the hip socket, which can worsen over time. It results in painful joint arthritis and even lameness. That is why it is extremely important to make sure that your furry baby doesn’t get obese at all.

When we say hypoallergic dog, the first breed that may come to mind is the Labradoodles and poodles. Well, many more other breeds do qualify equally. If a hybrid breed is chosen, it is possible to have hypo allergy tendencies, but they may vary as per their genetic presence.

To make sure that their tendency doesn’t turn to be an allergic dog, it is important to:

  • Ensure the dog exercise and grooming is done regularly
  • Have a vacuum cleaner to handle the small particle and hair of the pet
  • The dog is cleaned every time after he comes from the walk.

Also, there is some test that should be performed once in a year or two. This includes:

  • Patella Evaluation
  • Hip evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation
  • SLEM DNA test
  • Cardiac exam
Are Border Terriers Hypoallergenic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Can Border Terriers turn out to be the reason for allergy sufferers?

Border Terrier is known for its fearless characters and extremely playful nature. They have their kind of dander coating, but it is also important to get them well hand stripped at least three times a year by the expert groomer. This way, their hypoallergenic qualities are well maintained.

Q2. Can an individual be allergic to Border Terriers?

Well, there could be a scope of skin allergy “atopy” that usually border terriers have. In such cases, the belly, feet, and even the skin folds get affected. Some signs can be noticed from an early age and may get worst each year.

Q3. Do Border Terriers tend heavy shedding?

All your breed would need is Grooming. Since the border terrier tends to double coating, there is a scope for your dog to shed seasonally. However, a quick brushing on a weekly basis can help keep the coat in good shape.

Q4. Is there a possibility that border terriers can be aggressive?

One temperament trait that you need to know about Border Terrier is their aggression. Before you even deal with such aggressive Border Terrier temperament, it is important to understand what could be the possible cause behind it.

Q5. What is the biggest hypoallergenic dog other than Border Terrier?

Border Terrier is not the only hypoallergenic, but poodle and Giant Schnauzer are known to be hypoallergenic breeds.

are border terriers hypoallergenic


Now that you are quite clear about this energetic yet alert breed make sure that you also take care of it like any other family member if you get one.

If you are an outdoor person and love traveling, then a border terrier can be the best companion in all your journey.

Such a breed is quite the quick e-learner and doesn’t suffer from small dog syndrome.

These alert breeds need an active lifestyle. These being the hypoallergic dog may make them best suitable for many families.

It is also important that they are maintained well with regular grooming to avoid other health issues. If they don’t get one, then such a breed can be the best friend you can have.


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