Are Golden Retrievers hypoallergenic

Are Golden Retrievers hypoallergenic

Whether you are a cat lover or a dog lover, having a furry baby in life makes a big difference. In the case of being a dog parent, there are so many things to consider.

Right from regular grooming to ensuring all vaccinations are done on time. But often, there can be some devastating news that may come your way, like you being allergic to your pet.

If you are wondering whether the golden retrievers are hypoallergenic, well, certainly, they are not.

There are so many things you need to know about dogs being hypoallergenic, and when it comes to pets, some things certainly make them different; in the case of Golden Retrievers, well, certainly they are not the ones who don’t shed. Rather, there is a season as well in which they can shed quite a lot.

Whether it is the runny nose, itchy skin, contest sneezing, or hives, the problem can be quite dominating when there is an interaction with the dog. It certainly would be hard for you, especially when you have an allergy to your pet.

But if the love for your pet is holding you to be with him, well, it is far better to go for the anti-allergy medication.

The myth of Golden Retrievers being hypoallergenic.

Well, most of the families think that Golden Retrievers are the 100% hypoallergenic breed that a family can have. Indeed, they are the best family pets, but they certainly are not hypoallergenic. Rather there is no such breed that we can call the hypoallergenic one. In the case of the Golden Retrievers, they often shed and may not be a perfect match for those who have some serious allergies.

There might be some breeds that can be best suitable for those people who have pet allergies. But when it comes to Golden Retrievers, it is not the breed to be put on this lot. Rather it is a playful, loving, and extremely energetic breed to have.

It is one of those breeds that has been consistently making the best of the demand around the different corners of the US. But it is always good to know the reasons for what makes a golden retriever, not an ideal one for the family who has got a member who is allergic to the dogs.

Are Golden Retrievers hypoallergenic
Are Golden Retrievers hypoallergenic

What Is a Hypoallergenic Dog?

Before understanding the reasons on what makes golden retriever is not an ideal breed to be a hypoallergic breed, it is important to first know what exactly a hypoallergenic dog is all about. To be clear, there is quite a complex relationship between the type of dog breed and the allergenic between the human-canine. It is always better, to begin with, the world what is hypoallergenic itself.

Hypo in the ancient terms meant less than the whole; in Greek, it means Under, but at last, the advertisers of the cosmetics embedded the meaning and later for the product and also for the dogs, the meaning of this turned out to be the less allergy-triggering.

Often, allergy-prone consumers look for such terms on almost everything, be it the food they eat or the beauty products they used. In the case of pets as well, the story is no different.

However, as per the professional experts, it is important to understand the facts of the breed, which is hypoallergenic. The term is used for better guidance compared to any promise made reliable for the given dog’s low dander. There are some common issues with the skin, and humans are a part of it. They often create dander on the skin while the skin changes, heal, or grows.

Similarly, the dogs must produce a reasonable amount of dander when their new skin is coming up. But some dog’s low allergy nature is also related to the quality of the fur, which may not harm others. Talking of which Poodle is one such finest example of being hypoallergenic breed.

Besides, even research has stated that humans who have allergies may not necessarily be allergic to hair or dander. It could also be the proteins present in the dog’s bodily fluid, which may cause the allergy.

Besides, the dander’s and hair shed are prominent reasons for the said fluids. This means, often, the breed would shed more, and eventually, the person prone to such allergy may get some serious signs. The prominent reason could, of course, be the presence of proteins in the atmosphere.

The role of fur that makes a dog a hypoallergenic breed

The primary focus on the allergens that have been made is more prominent, which clearly shows that certain breeds like Poodles may not necessarily be a trigger for the allergies.  There are some of the low shedding coats in the breeds, but the fact is that hypoallergenic dogs can be quite complex.

As they don’t shed the fur, it does have the dander, which makes a huge difference. Since the fur of the hypoallergenic dog sheds not much, the dander that gets attached to it doesn’t even have much of the chance to impact the dog’s environment.

The reason why such dogs are quite better for humans who are allergy-prone is not that they would be producing less dander. Rather, it usually comes to the fur. If the fur is less shedding, then the chances of the dander to build on the carpet, furniture, or clothes is less. The breeds that have a curly coating, such as poodles or even the crossbreed that have the coating that is interlocking, are usually more prone.

It is usually the fiber of the curls and the lock around with one another that has to be taken as a sign. The hair follicle shape is a sign that it will not fall off from the body. The follicles are usually healthy enough to hold on to the fur as the dogs shed, such as Velcro. This also means that it is important to groom such a breed. If the fur does not fall off on its own, then such breed can further be prone to solid fur.

The Portuguese Water Dog is also another dog with hypoallergenic properties that had even earned a name of a celebrity in the white house during the Obama times. Considering their daughter’s canine allergy, the former president had two Portuguese water dogs called Bo and Sunny.

Reasons that state Golden Retriever not being A Hypoallergenic Dog

  • Coat

It is one of the primary reasons which don’t make them a hypoallergenic breed. This a beautiful breed with long hair and have a good coating too. It, however, would be shed regularly. Even if regular grooming is being done, it may not be suitable for people who have asthma or an allergy. Usually, such breed needs to have a long coat to protect themselves against the cold temperatures, and it works as the insulation source.

  • Dander

This is also another common reason that doesn’t make golden retrievers a hypoallergenic dog. Since the dander they create is of quite a high amount, its risk affecting the other breeds is also high. Dander is a part of the dead skin that usually triggers allergic reactions in asthma patients and those already allergic to pets.

For the dogs to be considered hypoallergenic, they must have a low dander rating. However, in the case of golden retrievers, they don’t fall in such a category at all.

Possible tests to understand if you are Allergic to Golden Retrievers

Firstly, if you think you are allergic to dogs, it is very important to speak with your doctor about this.

You also need to have some crucial tests done to see the level of allergy. If it is manageable, then some precautionary measures can be taken.

It is good to try spending some time with golden retrievers around you first so that you can understand how you react to them. This way, you can make an informed decision about buying the pet.

The best part is there are some effective Dog Allergy Treatments which can help you stay with your pet. Some of them are:

  • Decongestants
  • Antihistamines
  • Nasal sprays

If the signs are severe, then your doctor may give you some allergy shots to manage the allergies well.

Are Golden Retrievers hypoallergenic
Are Golden Retrievers hypoallergenic

Dealing with Allergies while sharing space with Golden Retriever

It is indeed unfortunate that you have an allergy, but the good news is such allergies can be prevented if precautionary measures are taken. This means more care is needed to make sure the dander doesn’t enter or spread around the house. If you or any of the family members have been struggling with the allergies of the dog, especially with the breed golden retrievers, then given below are some measures that need to be taken.

  • Grooming

This is one of the crucial aspects of ensuring that your dog’s dander is always kept low. For this, it is important to wash as much as possible using the gentle shampoo of the dog. It is always good to invest in a brush that has been designed to remove the undercoating or even the shedding. Some professional grooming visits can also help keep the shedding at a minimum if done regularly.

  • Pest Control

The problem of ticks and fleas can be controlled with pest control. Pest control would be a lifesaver since these ticks and fleas may sometimes hide, burrow, and even reproduce. It would restrict the whole reproduction cycle of such insects. Also, an effective accessory called the flea collar can control your dog’s risk of getting any such fleas on the body.

  • Environment

Indeed, the role of the environment in such cases is important too. Be it the furniture, smooth fabric rugs, covers, or anything that can be cleaned out easily and on a routine basis should be done. Besides, it is good to have a HEPA filtered vacuum. This could be one simple measure for reverting against the indoor quality of the dog.

It is good to consider the dander more like dust. This way, at least with regular cleaning routines, the right action can be taken. Besides the allergy, those who have golden retrievers are advised not to let their furry baby share the bed with you. Instead, providing them with a comfortable dog bed or dog house is advised.

  • Personal Health

Since the primary culprit behind the allergies is the dander, it is good to follow some healthy hygienic habits, especially when face, hand, and hair wash are commonly used. At least this way, it would be better to keep the dander away from the mouth and nose via which usually the allergens can easily enter.

You can also look for other allergy dealing options with the health care experts, such as allergy shots or even routine medication, to ensure the histamine is kept under control.


Besides all the measures prescribed above, it is important to feed your furry baby a healthy diet and make him drink lots of freshwater throughout the day. It is always good to give some healthy and tasty dog treats, which would make sure the dog doesn’t scratch often.

It is always advised to take a proactive stance in the regimen of grooming your pup and ensuring the right dietary needs are met. Even pet parents must create an environment that is allergy-friendly and thus enjoy being proud parents of the furry baby.


  • Can golden retrievers be bad for allergies?

Since allergies afflict such a breed, it can result in inflammation and itching in the ears or somewhere else. It is always better to diagnose it on time and treat such ailments.

  • Does hypoallergenic golden retriever exist?

The answer to this is no. Such a breed can be the best family pet, but they certainly are not best for those with bad allergies.

  • Do Golden Retrievers have a shedding tendency?

Since such a breed has a thick dual coating with a furry layer at the top, there are possible chances that golden retrievers would shed throughout the year.

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