why does dog food taste bad

Why Does Dog Food Taste Bad?

Dogs are very picky eaters, which is why they will sometimes refuse to eat food that you place in front of them. This usually happens when the dog has been eating a certain type of food for too long and then suddenly gets changed over onto something else.

However, the trouble with this behavior is that it can often lead to things like malnutrition or weight loss, which are not ideal situations for your pet.

When changing from one brand of dog food to another, it’s important to try and make sure there isn’t going to be an issue by gradually introducing the new diet into their system rather than switching completely to cold turkey. 

By doing this slowly, you should find that any negative effects caused by taste aversion due to change will hardly affect your puppy at all.

This article will discuss why does dog food taste bad and why dogs may refuse to eat it.

What is a dog’s sense of taste?

The Dog’s sense of taste is vastly different from humans. Dogs typically have around 1700 taste buds, while humans have approximately 9000. The most important tastes to a dog include salty, sweet, and the flavors of amino acids found in meat.

Dogs also have only about 20% of the number of taste buds than humans do. This is why dog food tastes bad to us but smells and tastes delicious to our canine friends.

Why does dog food taste bad?

Dogs evolved as carnivores who thrive on diets composed primarily of proteins and fats with very few carbs or sugars because they were mostly scavengers in their early days. 

They can easily digest raw meats compared to other mammals due to their short digestive tracts, which makes sense why dogs eat anything, including feces.

Today, dog food companies want to target pet owners who think it’s best for them if their dogs enjoy tasting good as humans do. Some companies include ingredients like cheese or chicken broth in dog foods because both flavors appeal to people. 

They don’t care if it doesn’t taste very nice for your pets; you might have to get used to eating bad-tasting things yourself.

Pet owners also believe that the higher the content of protein, fat, and other nutrients in a bag of dry food makes it better for their dogs, but this isn’t always true. High-protein or high-fat dog diets can lead to obesity, which is why they should be avoided more than reasonable, despite the fact that many brands say that these components are excellent since pets enjoy them.

why does dog food taste bad
Why Your Dog Kibble Smells Bad

What’s in dog food? 

Dog food is made to entice the canine palate; that’s why they typically smell good. Dog foods are both tasty and nutritious. 

The main reason there tends to be a not-so-great-tasting dog food has more to do with what dogs cannot digest than the ingredients of their diet, which make up most dry kibbles nowadays.

Pets can’t process cellulose in plants because their stomachs aren’t designed for breaking down plant material or fiber found in vegetables, fruit skins, or grains like corn, wheat, soybeans, etc. 

That doesn’t mean they’re not getting some benefit from these ingredients, but just breaking them down into simple sugars for energy is not one of them.

This is why dog food manufacturers make sure to include meat and fat in their recipes. They use by-products from beef, poultry, or fish processing plants which are considered ‘unfit for human consumption but make up an important part of a canine’s diet. 

When it comes to why dog food tastes bad, you should know that although this ingredient list isn’t inherently bad, these meats can pose salmonella danger. Therefore they must be roasted at extremely high temperatures during the manufacturing process before being used in kibble recipes.

Meaning how well your pet will enjoy his meal is really up to the manufacturing process.

Some natural pet food companies offer products free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives for dogs with specific dietary requirements or allergic reactions to certain ingredients but these brands tend to cost more than traditional dry dog foods made by big manufacturers.

The answer to Why Does Dog Food Taste Bad? is Dog food tastes bad in a nutshell because the meat used in kibble formulas is not as palatable for dogs. They can’t digest cellulose, have no sweet receptors on their tongues, and most meats are cooked at such high temperatures when making dry foods that there’s little chance of your pet tasting it with much satisfaction. 

Why do dogs like to eat feces?

Dogs like to eat feces because dogs are carnivores, and their digestive system is built for digesting meat products. Dogs can eat foods that human beings cannot, like feces which includes parasites and other organisms harmful to humans.

This is because they are carnivores, and the digestive system of canines is built for foods that human beings cannot like and other organisms harmful to humans.

Dog senses and how they affect their eating habits? 

Dogs have a more developed sense of smell, which is why they are not too picky when it comes to what they eat. They can also hear their prey from up to 20 feet away and recognize the sound of another animal’s footsteps or heartbeat. 

Dogs will sniff out anything that smells interesting to them, even if it might be poisonous because instinct drives their behavior in this way. 

On top of all these senses, dogs also have highly sensitive noses. Although some people would prefer for their pet’s mealtime experience to resemble something like fine dining than a fast-food drive-through, there are benefits within why dog food tastes bad. 

This heightened awareness of their surroundings is why dogs typically don’t need a big meal to feel satisfied.

How can we make our Dog’s food taste better for them?

Dogs’ food is made up of ingredients that are not tasty. This is why the manufacturers add things like flavors and sugars to make it more delicious for them; making better tasting home-cooked meals for dogs is a pretty simple process.

The best way to go when making homemade recipes is by using real meat or vegetables instead of grains which most commercial foods contain instead, focus on whole, fresh ingredients with limited carbohydrates, so you’re not overloading their system with too much sugar.

However, if you’ve never cooked before, this might be overwhelming at first but don’t worry, there are plenty of resources online.

Just search on Google, and you’ll find all types of recipes that you can try out. Remember one more thing that your pup might be a picky eater; Don’t make the mistake of thinking he doesn’t like something just because he hasn’t eaten it yet; if they won’t eat veggies, for example, then mix them up with their normal meals and slowly increase new stuff you give them until eventually, they’ll start eating those as well. 

Unless there’s an underlying health issue causing this behavior, most pups will instinctively avoid low-quality or unhealthy foods, so always opt for high-quality ingredients and never settle for anything less because good food is essential for your puppy’s health.

How to make dog food for a picky eater?

If your canine friend is such an unfortunate picky eater, they will turn their noses up at perfectly nutritious food and good for them. You may be wondering how to make dog food. You might not want to hear this, but it could come down to the fact that your canine friend doesn’t like the flavor of what’s on offer.

This can happen if dogs don’t get enough of something in their diet – such as meat or fish, which has no strong flavors of its own and therefore needs some help from other ingredients. 

If you change your pet’s diet by introducing different textures, tastes, and smells into meals with dog food tastes bad spices perhaps mixed in, there is a chance they’ll start eating more happily.

The matter is that to make good-tasting dog food; you need something which provides decent nutrition for your canine friend’s body. 

This is why it’s essential why you make sure your pet is eating a balanced diet, including the different nutrients they need.

How much meat is in the mix?

The first step is to use the type of protein you want your dog to consume. The best thing in making homemade dog food is that you can choose exactly which proteins are included, but if there’s one type of protein that most dogs will enjoy, it would be chicken.

Chicken or turkey are great options when choosing how to make dog food for a picky eater because they’re usually pretty affordable and easy to feed raw. To make dog food for a picky eater, step two is deciding how much meat your pup will need.

why does dog food taste bad

How much raw chicken per day should I feed my puppy?

The amount of protein that you offer depends on the size and activity level of your pet. If he’s a small breed or more sedentary, only about one pound per 30lbs every other day would be sufficient. For breeds that are larger or high-energy animals, you can feed up to two pounds per 30lbs every day.

 Tips for making dogs food taste good

1. Add some chicken broth to the food, which will make it taste more like soup.

2. Mix in a little bit of baby food with the Dog’s food.

3. Put some peanut butter on top of the dish and let your pup lick it off.

4. Sprinkle some bacon bits on top, which will get them excited about their meal.

5. Try adding some cheese or other human foods that are good for dogs, too – be careful not to give them anything they’re allergic to.

6. If you have another pet at home, try using its leftovers as treats for your Dog – this way, there won’t be any waste from two different animals’ diets.


Dog food has an unpleasant taste because it’s high in protein and fat. Dogs can’t taste sweet flavors, but they detect salty and bitter tastes and some sour ones like vinegar. 

And while dogs don’t have a sense of smell like we humans do, their noses are more sensitive to strong smells than ours, so the scent of cooked meat or fish is enough to make them drool for those foods, even if they’re made into dog food. 

This makes it difficult for manufacturers to mask the flavor with spices that people may enjoy eating themselves!

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